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Help for Haiti


School books for the children in Haiti
, schoolbookbank.

Help, join us!

Your donation can help many children in Haiti are given a future, which is natural for us.

Support our idea.

The charity haiti-now was founded after the earthquake in January 2010 and since then cares for the poorest families, especially children. Many projects have already been realized from the donations. For a year now, there is the school library for children in different schools. The idea is not new, but causes much. Textbooks are to spend for the different classes and the school year again collected, and handed over to the next child. Dust jackets help the school books in good order.

The idea had founder of the organization Alex Lizzappi based in Miami, USA.
Miami will help started and closed to Haiti.

For more information, visit the website of the organization:

Thanks for your help and donations.

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